Thursday, May 17, 2012

Breaking News: BeauGLam & Nina Hassan will be back in KL soon!!

Salam Everyone....

Its a big-big shout!! BeauGLam and Nina Hassan (absolutely) will be back in KL soon!
Yeahhh! This is serious news!I'm gonna meet u guys soon...very soon...
After 3 years..Finally...Its all about experiences...Great experiences doing bussiness here in Johor Bahru (JB) and Singapore!
Now i'm back to where i started...Owhh seriously can't wait....Love doing bussiness in JB & Singapore...but no worries...I'll still be able for JB & Singapore clients..just buzz me..Insyallah it can be arrange! :)

Ok very short post for now...will let u guys know where & when I'll fully available in KL since now im still in shifting process etc...and yes I'm still in JB.. :)

Dear clients in KL & Selangor...will see u soon!!



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