Friday, May 18, 2012

Another "Baby" by Nina Hassan...

Salam Everyone....

Supriseeeeee!!!Supriseeee!!Supriseeeee!!First of all... It is not a baby girl or boy...but this is another "baby" by Nina Hassan which is our new range specially made for PLUS SIZE woman out there! Yeahhh finally! Proudly present FluffyLush Plus...

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So sexy!What are you waiting for...?Grab your's one now because our collection will be available in a very limited quantity since we're doing it and design it by me (Nina Hassan) and my partner (Farah Karim)!So siapa cepat dia dapat basis....It is 100% made in Malaysia! We proudly announce that our collection made in Malaysia and did by Malaysian!
Why we choose PLUS SIZE?Because im standing here as a plus size and im really understand how difficult being a plus size here in Malaysia..So there u go...!No more complaints!Just wearing it as u wish!

In FluffyLush Plus when we said that we made it for PLUS SIZE..We really meant it! And yeahhh...Our sizing is totally different with standard plus size boutique or brands.So do check it out before u purchase..
So those woman with size more than UK20...please check this gorgeous out!

Here proudly present part of our "Polka Dots Attack Collection"...

 FluffyLush Plus Colourful Polka Dots Kimono Top (CPD)
 FluffyLush Plus Brown Polka Dots Shirt (BPDS)
FluffyLush Plus Blue Tiny Polka Dots Shirt (BTPD)

And many more in our FACEBOOK page!/profile.php?id=100003569071183

Be friend with us and we'll update u with our latest guide for plus size....and more-more about PLUS SIZE!
Be gorgeous & Sexy!
Happy Shopping and have a great-great day!



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